5 Things You Should Do Every Time You Open QuickBooks Online

Not all habits are bad. Here are five good ones you should develop during each QuickBooks Online work session. Where do you go first when you sign into QuickBooks Online? Sometimes, you may have a specific reason for consulting your company’s financial information: Maybe you’re checking to see whether you sent out a specific invoice? […]

How to Create Credit Memos and Give Refunds in QuickBooks

We hope you don’t have to do this often, but sometimes you need to return money to customers. Here’s how to do it. You work hard creating the products and services you sell. So it’s disappointing when someone wants their money back. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the quality of the item you […]

Setting Up Users in QuickBooks

Adding an employee? QuickBooks allows you to control his or her access to the software. Here’s how. We’ve talked before about how to keep your QuickBooks data safe from hackers, and we hope you’re still following best practices for data security. But how do you ensure the safety of your critical accounting information when you […]

Creating Projects in QuickBooks Online

Do you need to track income and costs related to projects? QuickBooks Online makes this easy – and calculates their profitability. QuickBooks Online can tell you where your money comes from and where it’s going in very detailed, customizable reports. These reports can help you determine, for example, whether you should continue to sell a […]