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Empowering Non-Profits: NJN's Tailored Services

Our commitment to supporting small businesses extends to the nonprofit sector. Non-profit organizations face unique challenges, especially when it comes to navigating the intricacies of tax codes and financial management. At NJN, we specialize in providing comprehensive services designed to empower non-profits, ensuring they can focus on their mission with financial confidence.

Challenges with Nonprofit Tax Codes:

Nonprofits must diligently adhere to regulations to maintain tax-exempt status. Understanding the criteria and navigating changes can be challenging.

Nonprofits are often held to high standards of transparency. Accurate donor reporting and compliance with disclosure requirements are critical but can pose challenges.

Many nonprofits rely on grants for funding. Ensuring compliance with grant requirements, including financial reporting, is essential but can be complex.

How NJN Helps Nonprofits Overcome These Challenges:

Tax-Exempt Status Guidance: NJN provides expert guidance to non-profits, ensuring they understand the criteria for tax-exempt status and assisting in maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations.

Donor Reporting Expertise: Our team excels in accurate donor reporting, helping non-profits maintain transparency and compliance. We guide organizations through the intricacies of donor disclosure requirements.

Grant Compliance Support: NJN offers specialized services to help non-profits navigate grant compliance. From financial reporting to ensuring adherence to specific grant conditions, we provide the support needed for successful grant management.

Strategic Financial Planning: We work closely with non-profits to develop strategic financial plans aligned with their mission. This includes budgeting, resource allocation, and financial forecasting to support long-term sustainability.

Board and Stakeholder Communication: NJN assists non-profits in communicating financial information effectively to boards and stakeholders. We provide clear and concise financial reports that facilitate informed decision-making.


The Power of Personalized Business Solutions

We believe in the power of personalized financial solutions and the impact they can have on businesses and individuals. Our dedicated team, led by President and CEO Shelley Kasten, is committed to delivering excellence, integrity, and trust in every aspect of our work.


Your financial success starts with a simple form.

With a team of seasoned professionals led by Shelley Kasten, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS since 2017, we bring a wealth of expertise to ensure your financial records are not just maintained but optimized for informed decision-making. Trust us to turn tax season from a challenge into an opportunity for financial optimization.