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Software Coaching

Software Coaching: Elevate Your Business with Expert Guidance

Welcome to Not Just Numbers, where our Software Coaching services redefine how you engage with your financial tools. Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of QuickBooks™ or seeking to optimize your accounting software, our expert coaching empowers you to harness the full potential of these tools for your business.

Our coaching sessions are designed to streamline your software usage. Learn time-saving tips, shortcuts, and best practices that enhance your workflow, ultimately boosting efficiency.

Setup and Optimization for Quickbooks™ Software

“QuickBooks™ and More” is not just a catchy phrase. – Our firm specializes in setting businesses up with all versions of QuickBooks™ or even just reviewing your file and giving it a good clean up. Our firm will review your current file and make the best recommendation for you.

Accounting software often comes with a myriad of features. Unlock the full potential of your software by understanding and utilizing advanced functionalities that cater to your specific business needs. We understand that every business is unique. Our coaching is tailored to your industry, ensuring that the software is applied in a way that aligns with your specific requirements and challenges.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our QuickBooks™ coaching covers everything from setup and clean-up to advanced features. Maximize the power of QuickBooks™ with personalized guidance.

Beyond QuickBooks™, our coaching extends to various accounting software. Optimize your chosen platform to suit your business needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial management experience.

Learn how to integrate your software into your overall business processes. From data entry to reporting, our coaching helps you seamlessly incorporate software into your day-to-day operations.

Encounter an issue? Our coaching sessions provide real-time troubleshooting assistance. Address challenges on the spot and gain the confidence to navigate potential obstacles independently.

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Our coaching is tailored to your proficiency level, business needs, and industry requirement.

Invest in the growth and efficiency of your business with Not Just Numbers’ Software Coaching. Unleash the full potential of your accounting software and elevate your financial management experience.


The Power of Personalized Business Solutions

We believe in the power of personalized financial solutions and the impact they can have on businesses and individuals. Our dedicated team, led by President and CEO Shelley Kasten, is committed to delivering excellence, integrity, and trust in every aspect of our work.


Your financial success starts with a simple form.

With a team of seasoned professionals led by Shelley Kasten, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS since 2017, we bring a wealth of expertise to ensure your financial records are not just maintained but optimized for informed decision-making. Trust us to turn tax season from a challenge into an opportunity for financial optimization.